A Little Sunday DIY Project

Happy Sunday everyone! We have had such a fun weekend, Chris's sister, Grace, came to town for a few nights to stay with us! Generally when we have company we end up eating too much, drinking a bit too much, and spending more money than we planned to! Surely we aren't the only ones.... right?! 

Ever since we moved into our new house, we have been wanting to do a big gallery wall! The biggest problems we had were A.) Getting updated family pictures, B.) Finding the time to start the project, and  C.) Biting the bullet and spending (what we thought would be) a lot of money on frames of various sizes. 

Getting our engagement photos back and falling absolutely in love with them was the catalyst we needed to finally start this project! Elise Abigail Photography did such an amazing job on our pictures we had to get them up ASAP!

The solution to our second problem, finding time, was a pretty simple one.... we basically just ignored our normal Sunday laundry ritual and worked on the wall! Will we regret this decision this entire week?! Most likely... but also the final product is SO WORTH IT!

While shopping this weekend with Grace, we decided to stop by Michaels to browse around for Fall decor because the weather here was INCREDIBLE this weekend. Mid to upper 70's during the day and balmy in the night. Perfection. Anywho, while we were there we discovered that their frames were all half off! And not just like half off super expensive prices to begin with, their collection of Studio Decor Belmont frames are super affordable even at full price! We had no idea what pictures we would use, how many frames to get or what sizes we needed, so we just bought as many as we could fit in the cart and worked from there! (I'm sure the super organized, pre-planning DIY people would cringe at the process, but hey... it works for us, usually.)



Once we got the frames home we measured our wall, marked off the space on the floor, then started shuffling things around until they looked how we wanted! We tried to be super thorough and take a picture of the layout for when we actually started to hang the pictures... yay us! What we forgot to do was take a final picture after we did some last minute shuffling... boo us! It made us have to do some improvisation later on. So make sure you know where things are going to be once you start moving them to the wall!

Once we had a layout, we got online to order the pictures we needed to match the size/orientation of the gallery. We went with Sam's Club because they could have the prints ready in an hour AND while we were looking to find a place to print the 24X36 picture we discovered that almost everywhere we looked was $150+. Sam's has an option online to print posters in larger sizes for ONLY $12! We figured if it didn't work that well it wasn't a huge loss. Let me just tell you... it turned out AMAZING and saved us so much money. 

My handyman

My handyman

While we waited for the pics to be printed, we started transferring the frames to the wall. It didn't go perfectly, but once we realized our mistake of not taking an updated picture, we just started to roll with it and make things fit where they could. We got a few small prints and other things at Hobby Lobby to add some dimension and texture to the wall also. 


Once they were all up, we used some 3M velcro adhesives to keep the frames from shifting and becoming crooked. (I would lose my mind having to see crooked pictures on a daily basis.... it makes me insane) After everything was all leveled out and where we wanted it we got the mess picked up and then obviously had to take a bunch of pictures! The whole process probably cost around $250 and it genuinely has transformed our house into a home. We love our house so much but once we got furniture and necessities in, we hadn't done a lot of the personal touches that makes a place feel like home, and seeing all these wonderful pictures finally hanging makes my heart so happy!!