Sam Smith: Best Man at our Wedding?!

The Thrill of it All....

Chris and I have both been HUGE fans of Sam Smith, and when we found out his tour would be making a stop in KC, we did what any superfan does, and had multiple computers/phones/tablets out to try and snag the best seats possible right when they went on sale. We were fortunate to get floor seats, but we had NO IDEA how amazing our seats were until we got to the Sprint Center and were ushered to our seats...... It is the closest we have ever been at a concert and it made the experience so intimate and wonderful. We should take a moment to recognize that, despite being a major celeb singer, the ticket price for Sam's show was so reasonable, and after paying a mint for Beyonce (multiple times).... which WAS WORTH IT, it was refreshing to not have buyers guilt. 

Sam Smith KCMO 8/18/18

During the weeks leading up to the show I found myself watching youtube clips of his tour and the excitement level steadily got higher and higher.... I also cried almost every single time I watched a clip and was FULLY prepared to cry for most of the show. I'm an unashamed cryer and I think people who can cry without shame are emotionally advanced and we should all embrace a good cry from time to time. To say I was THRILLED for this concert is a vast understatement; so much so that I didn't even care to be in the car for the 3 hour drive to KC (anyone who knows me knows this is a BIG DEAL because I HATE being in the car). 

It was our first time at The Hilton Presidential and it was a GORGEOUS hotel

Musical Mile Markers....

Have you ever heard someone talk about how a certain smell can take them back to a memory or important event in their life? I definitely experience that from time to time, but by and large it is music that has the power to pull me back to a memory. The timeline of my relationship with Chris is marked with various songs from "#Beautiful" by Mariah Carey, "Still Into You" by Paramore, "ILYSB" by Lany, and "Die With You" by Beyonce (just to name a few). When it comes to Sam Smith, we have always listened to his music, but Chris actually had been a fan for longer than I had. Early in our relationship Chris was in the shower at my house, and he was blaring a song from his phone and singing his heart out in the shower..... this moment was significant for a couple of reasons; it was the first time I had ever heard him really singing (he actually has a very nice voice) and I remember thinking that it was so sweet because it signified to me that he was settling into our relationship and was comfortable enough to sing like that while I was around... Side Note: I'm likely reading more into the situation than was really there, but that's just who I am and even if he told me it was no big deal to sing in front of me, it still meant a lot to me and I will always smile to myself when I think of that moment because it's such a sweet memory for me. It was also significant because it is the first time I had heard Sam Smith's song "Lay Me Down" and to this day when that song comes up on a Spotify playlist I am taken right back to that moment. Now, as I consider myself to have a more diverse musical taste than Chris ( a contention he will likely deny) I didn't want him to know I had never heard that song, so I casually pretended like I needed to brush my teeth so I could peek at his phone to see who the artist was. I swear I listened to that song on repeat for weeks and it turned me from a casual Sam Smith listener to an avid fan of his. 

Another song that holds a special place in my heart by Sam is the acoustic version of "Latch". Chris had taken a class at the fitness studio I teach at, and during cool-down one of my instructor friends (Love you Murr!) played that song and he hadn't heard the acoustic version before. As soon as the class was over he sent me the link to the song and told me that he was thinking of me the entire time the song played. I'm also an unapologetic romantic, and I LOVE getting those kinds of messages from him. I immediately listened to the song, and the acoustic version took on such a new meaning as compared to the original, and it instantly became one of "our songs". 



I will be the first to admit that I can be a little immature from time to time, but I had a really strong feeling that if I made a sign for the concert that asked Sam to come to our wedding that he would see it and like.... maybe want to come! Yes thats childish and the chances are practically zero, but I just had a vibe that he would see the sign. Chris rolled his eyes and gave me the "whatever you want babe" response. So after we checked into the hotel we went down to the business center and printed the sign in the boldest font we could find. I wanted to go to a store and get actual poster board and glitter, but we compromised on something smaller for the sake of time..... I'm still convinced glitter would have been better, but then again I always think glitter makes everything better. I knew I wanted to wait to hold the sign up until he started to play either "Latch" or "Lay Me Down" because I imagined the stars aligning, Sam seeing my sign, calling us up to the stage to talk to us and I planned to tell him how much we love the song and yadda yadda....

Anywho, there I was, teary eyed because I cried through most of the concert, and Sam asks everyone to get out their phones and turn on their flashlights.... those first few piano notes of "Latch" start playing, the arena lights up from everyones phones... MY MOMENT HAD ARRIVED!


So, it didn't go EXACTLY like I planned it, but it was still so exciting that he saw the sign and responded! That little childish voice in my head still holds out hope that he will see this and want to come to the wedding, but I am beyond thrilled that he even made eye contact with me and responded! (So if you know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows Sam or someone in his band please feel free to share! lol) Now the song has even more significance for us and I will never forget the magical night we had during his show. If you have the opportunity to see him I can promise you won't be disappointed. The love he has for his fans, his music, and the LGBT community just exudes from him through the whole show and the energy in the arena was so amazing. I am still on cloud nine, and have had Sam on repeat since the show.