Our Dream Honeymoon!


When Chris and I started thinking of places to go for our honeymoon, a cruise was definitely nowhere on that list. Neither of us had ever been on one, and we had definitely heard horror stories from friends and family. As we had been told multiple times, “You’re either a cruise person and will love it, or not, and you’ll hate it.” We didn’t want to find out if we were “cruise people” or not while we were on our honeymoon. We had also heard that cruises are catered for older crowds, have tiny staterooms, and are not always the most inclusive places for LGBT+ couples. 

So, and I mean this with no exaggeration, Chris and I went through at least 20 different options for trips but we couldn’t come up with a trip that felt right for us. We looked into everything from Costa Rica to Ireland to Australia to Phuket, and everything in-between. It actually got to the point that we had almost decided to just scrap the whole thing and not even go on a honeymoon at all! We knew we wanted to do something unique, but the pressure of the trip being our HONEYMOON just got to us and we couldn’t pull the trigger on anything. 

We literally got so fed up with trying to decide, we almost just booked an all inclusive trip to Mexico, despite the fact that it wasn’t what we really wanted, simply just to be able to take a reasonably priced trip, and not have to worry about food and drinks and mountains of planning. Literally the night before we were going to finalize those plans, we got in contact with Celebrity Cruises about working with them for their #SweetHeartsAtSea campaign. They invited us on a weeklong cruise to the Eastern Caribbean aboard their newest ship, the Celebrity Edge. After months of failed planning, exasperation and stress, this opportunity felt like it was destiny and we put all our inhibition about cruise ships aside and quickly agreed. 

Chris and I have both been following the keto diet for the past 7-8 months and have lost 35 and 25 pounds respectively, which is AMAZING, BUT it meant that neither of us had a single piece of warm clothing that fit us. So we found ourselves three weeks out from a Caribbean cruise with absolutely nothing to wear! Let me just tell you, finding a summer wardrobe in early February is not an easy feat. But between multiple trips to the mall, online orders (and returns) and a few more trips to the mall, we scrounged up enough clothes for a week long vacation and ANXIOUSLY awaited our departure. 

As anyone else would have, I started researching all I could about the Celebrity Edge ship and was BLOWN AWAY at how incredible it looked! The Celebrity Edge is the first of a new fleet of ships that are set to come out over the next few years. The ship took its maiden voyage on December 9th, 2018. It currently sails to the Eastern and Western Caribbean, but is set to add destinations around Europe and the Mediterranean this summer. 


We Marie Kondo’d the shiz out of our suitcases, kissed our pups and daughter goodbye and were off on, what would become, the most incredible trips of our lives. Upon landing in Fort Lauderdale we were whisked away to the ship for check in. We were absolutely floored by the sheer size and grandeur of the beautiful Edge ship. Celebrity was so generous and hooked us up with a Sky Suite on board, which meant we were lead to a beautiful lounge just outside the ship, where we were greeted with refreshments and comfortable chairs to wait in until an attendant came to us and got all of our information entered in. The level of customer service provided by the crew of the ship was unparalleled. Every single crew member was kind, generous and went above and beyond to help us in any way possible. We made our way onto the ship and the first thing to strike us was how stunning the decor was. It is a beautiful blend of “Great Gatsby” style opulence but blended seamlessly with a modern, simplistic design aesthetic that made it feel incredibly chic and understated. 


The moment we opened the door to our suite, our jaws dropped to the floor and we both looked at each other and started squealing and jumping around like little girls. The suite was so much bigger and more beautiful than we expected. There was a king size bed, a sofa, dresser and desk, two closets! As soon as we recovered from our prepubescent squealing over our room, we discovered the bathroom and literally started the whole process over again! The bathroom had a massive his and his sink, a separate vanity and mirror, and a bath tub that comfortably fit both Chris and I! As if an amazing room and bathroom wasn’t enough, the cherry on our sundae suite was the balcony! The balcony was very generous in size and had two lounge chairs and a small table and offered stunning views of the ocean and ports we went to. 

Our first day or so was spent at sea, which gave us an opportunity to see some shows in the GORGEOUS theater on the ship. We went to as many shows as we possibly could and were genuinely impressed and entertained at every single one. Marucs Terell and the Serenades put on a wonderful show of classic Motown hits, there were aerial acrobatic and dancing shows, a magic show, and an immersive dinner experience show that was located in an area of the ship known as “Eden”. (One of our favorite nights on the ship!) 

The first stop we made on our trip was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We spent the day exploring the beautiful city and learning about the cultural and historical significance of the area. Chris and I are both history nerds, and getting to see the forts, the light house, and learn about the rich culture of the area definitely made San Juan our favorite stop of the trip. 

After San Juan we had two full days at sea, which we mostly spent eating and lounging by the pool in “The Retreat” which is an area reserved for suite guests that was a little more quiet and low key than the main pool area. We sipped Pina Coladas like they were going out of style and fully immersed ourselves into relaxation mode. (Oh…. We also ate A LOT of food)

The Oceanview cafe offered a full buffet of delicious foods throughout the day, which we fully took advantage of for breakfast and lunch, but we spent our evenings in the various specialty dining restaurants on board. Every single meal we had was wonderful. Our dinner experience in Eden was one of the most unique experiences we had on our trip. The whole experience felt like we were transported to the garden of Eden, from the lighting and decor and menu to the dancers, actors, and singers mingling among the dinning tables. Dinner in Eden led to a full production show that told the tale of Eden and how it came to be, complete with stunning vocal performances, aerial acrobats, and dancers. We left dinner that night transfixed by the whole experience and we talked about it for the rest of the trip. 


Another unique dining experience we had was our night at Le Grand Bistro. The entire dinner was “prepared” by tiny chefs (think Pixar style) projected onto the table from above. The chefs each made one of the dinner courses and were competing to be the best chef of the night. We had so much fun seeing the animation on our entire table and the actual food that was prepared matched what the little chef had made for us!

Our last two stops on our dream honeymoon were at Tortola, BVI and St. Maarten. We opted to just do some light shopping and enjoy the gorgeous beaches and crystal blue water instead of going on any excursions, but there were definitely some awesome ones available. 

We couldn’t have asked for a more romantic trip, but getting to spend our first Valentine’s Day, as a married couple, on the ocean was so special. Celebrity Cruises hosted the largest vow renewal ceremony at sea on Valentine’s Day.  Since we had just gotten married, we didn’t think a renewal was necessary, but we thought it would be fun to watch at least. I have to say, seeing all those couples, some of whom had been married for 50-60 plus years, standing before each other and renewing their vows was such a special moment. Chris and I both were in tears and there was a palpable sense of love in the air. It was such a magical experience to be part of. 

One of our concerns about being on the cruise was how accepting the other passengers would be of Chris and I as a couple. A couple’s honeymoon is supposed to be a romantic and relaxing experience and we didn’t want to have to hold back our affection for one another or feel worried about any intolerant people. I am proud, and a little surprised, to say that we didn’t experience a single issue in that regard. We didn’t get any odd looks or ever feel like we were anything less than welcome. We danced the night away at the silent discos, held hands on the ship (isn’t it sad that being able to freely hold hands with my husband on our honeymoon is viewed as a triumph?! That’s a rant for another post maybe! Haha) and we never felt out of place. In fact, I was surprised by the number of LGBT couples on the ship, and was pleasantly surprised to see that they were all fairly open and comfortable showing affection! 

I could literally write pages and pages about how amazing this trip was. We cannot thank Celebrity Cruises enough for partnering with us and sending us on this dream honeymoon. It was the perfect beginning to the rest of our lives as husbands and we couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect trip. We ate, we drank, we made great friends, we danced, we relaxed, and most importantly we loved. We loved each other, we loved the trip, and we loved getting to share it with you all. 

If you are looking for an amazing vacation/cruise we highly recommend the Celebrity Edge! For the next couple of days they are offering cruises for $20 down and 20% off flights so its the perfect time to book! Click here to go to the Celebrity Cruises website!