Sleep is a Beautiful Thing

One of the best pieces of advice my grandfather ever gave me was to “always invest in the things that separate you from the ground: wear quality shoes, always have good tires on your car, and make sure to have a great mattress”. When Chris and I moved into our house two years ago we bought a new mattress from a local company and were very happy with it for the first few months. Not long after we got it, we noticed that the sides of the bed were sinking in and a ridge was developing down the middle of the mattress. We struggled with sleepless nights, sore backs, and never fully feeling comfortable because we had spent quite a bit of money and didn’t want to drop even more money buying a new one. We contacted the company and were told we would have to pay for them to pick it up for repair, we would not have a mattress for approximately a week, and then have to pay for them to bring it back. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a big load of BS!

So we were stuck with a “new” mattress we hated, out a couple thousand dollars, and not looking to spend a fortune on another mattress that could possibly do the same thing. We researched all the big names in the mattress game, and just didn’t find one that was right for us. First of all, can someone please explain to me why mattresses cost so much money?!?! The prospect of spending thousands of dollars on a mattress from an online store, without even having tried the mattress out seemed like a bad idea to me.

After searching for weeks, I came across an awesome company that is trying to change the mattress game. We partnered with OkiOki and they are such an awesome company that, first and foremost, has taken out all the hyperbole about “space age materials” and “cutting edge” technology that the other companies boast about. In my experience, the more adjectives used to describe a product, the more and more the price goes up. Well, OkiOki wants to let you all in on a big secret…… All the memory and adaptive foams are THE SAME! The companies use clever marketing and buzz words to charge more for their products.

One of our favorite things about OKiOki is their Sleep Quiz, which will help you find the perfect mattress for your sleep preferences. FULL DISCLOSURE: we actually didn’t take the sleep quiz because we thought we knew which mattress we wanted… don’t make the same mistake we did, take the quiz! After placing our first order, which was a super simple process, we had our new mattress in just a few days!

Because we hadn’t taken the Sleep Quiz, we actually ordered a mattress that was too firm for us (completely our fault) but the best thing about OkiOki is that they have a 365 night, simple return policy! Knowing we could simply return our mattress if it didn’t work for us was one of the highest selling points for us. We reached out to them about the mattress not being the perfect fit for us, and they quickly got someone to our house to pick it up and shipped us a new mattress within just a few days! (Before we ordered the replacement we took the sleep quiz, and lo and behold, it recommended a much softer mattress for us than the one we ordered!)

At the end of the day, the most important question on everyone’s mind is COST. Because OkiOki has removed all the deceptive marketing, middlemen, and gimmicks of traditional mattress companies, their prices are extremely affordable! Their mattresses start at $300 and go up to around $750 for a California King! PLUS if you use code ChrisandNateOkiOki50 you will get $50 off your purchase and they offer FREE SHIPPING on all purchases with no minimum required!

We have been sleeping on the OkiSoft for almost a month and it has been INCREDIBLE! Not only have we been sleeping soundly, we have also been spending much more time in bed watching movies binge watching T.V. shows! We used to be so ready to get out of bed because we were never comfortable and now we never want to leave our room! One of our favorite things about our mattress is the cooling layer on the top, we both sleep hot and have been pleasantly surprised by how well the cooling layer regulates our temperature.

If you are in the market for a new mattress for yourself, or looking for affordable mattresses for your guest bedrooms, we highly recommend checking them out! Every step of the process from beginning to end was a breeze and we are thrilled with how amazing the product is! Don’t forget to use our code to get $50 off your order and tag us in your posts/photos if you order one! We would love to hear about your experience!